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Bed Bath & Beyond has become the latest national retailer to get into the CBD business. In its new circular dropped this week and also online on its website, the Big Boxer is touting its new offering of CBD infused lotions and potions.

Billed as “CBD for everyday wellness,” the retailer is selling 13 different SKUs under the “SpaRoom” brand. Ad copy on the circular reads: “THC-free, non-GMO, pure essential oils promote relaxation and well-being. Prices range from $19.99 for the Piccolo Diffuser up to $39.99 for several different oils. Several of the products are intended for use on pet dogs, sold under the “Dog Whisperer” sub-brand. The circular states that “assortment varies by store” without giving any additional details on whether the product roll-up is chain wide

BBB joins such national retailers as Walgreen’s, CVS and Rite-Aid in selling CBD products, which can also be found in some Macy’s stores as well. The move continues to rapidly developing legitimization of CBD into the mainstream of American retailing.

Here’s a link to Bed Bath’s website for a closer look at their product selection:

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