CBD or Not to CBD

young woman wearing red long sleeves and white headphones
Photo by Sound On on Pexels.com

For those businesses operating in states or countries where marijuana has been legalized, there is usually a discussion of whether to focus just on that or shift to CBD…or both. Here’s a fascinating podcast from Monocle magazine on The Drug Store, a British retailer that has successfully made the shift to CBD.

Worth a listen: https://monocle.com/radio/shows/the-entrepreneurs/436/?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=The%20Monocle%20Minute%20%20Thursday%2020%20February%202020&utm_content=The%20Monocle%20Minute%20%20Thursday%2020%20February%202020+CID_918674c9964735115cee4eb557adeeb3&utm_source=Email%20marketing%20software&utm_term=listen%20to%20the%20episode%2030%20mins

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