Jane is Fonda of CBD

balance body exercise female
Photo by Burst on Pexels.com

You can now add CBD to the list of things to associate with Jane Fonda. The actress, activist, work-out queen and scion of Hollywood royalty has hooked up with cannabidiol  brand Uncle Bud’s to promote the company’s line of assorted health and beauty products featuring CBD. Jane Fonda, being Jane Fonda, couldn’t just put out a press release, she had to break the news in her Instagram feed with a TikTok-style video featuring her favorite items including hand sanitizer, lip balm and body lotion.

She is just the latest celebrity — think Martha Stewart (of course), Snoop Dog (even more of course) and many others — to jump on the hemp and CBD train. Compared to some of the more outrageous — I think courageous too — things she has done, this one is pretty tame, don’t you think?

More in this People magazine story: https://people.com/style/jane-fonda-global-ambassador-uncle-buds-cbd-hem-products/

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