Half of All CBD Mislabeled: FDA

person holding white and brown bottle
Photo by Oliver King on Pexels.com

The wild west that is the CBD business keeps getting wilder. A new report from the federal Food & Drug Administration says more than half of all CBD products it looked at are not accurately labeled. Mostly this had to do with the levels of cannabidiol in the product. It’s a rather disturbing finding for an industry that has some serious credibility problems to begin with. For those in the business it means more than ever you need to know your suppliers and trust them. Some of the CBD cowboys out there are just not doing what the label says.

And you won’t believe what they found in a whole lot of these products. Read more in this story on the FDA report in Food Business News: https://www.foodbusinessnews.net/articles/16405-fda-uncovers-mislabeled-cbd-products

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