Yes, Good News From the Pandemic

medicine bottles on green and brown moss
Photo by Tree of Life Seeds on

Pretty much everything to do with Covid has been terrible for pretty much everybody. But there appears to be one side effect of the pandemic that is proving to be good news and it’s good news for the CBD business. According to a story on the Modern Retail newsletter, interest in — and sales of —  CBD are booming because of the overall anxiety produced by these times. “According to Google Trends, keyword search like ‘best CBD for anxiety 2020’ has experienced over a 250% jump since mid-March.”

“The pandemic has only seen it escalate as consumers focus on self-care and wellness while at home,” one CBD brand executive was quoted in the article. We couldn’t agree more and if it’s only CBD and not harder stuff that people are turning to, that has to be considered a plus.

Here’s more from Modern Retail:

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